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"When I chose a lawyer, I wanted somebody that I thought represented me for the person I am, what I didn't know at the time was how they performed in the courtroom, and Cindy Patton PERFORMS!"  ~~Anthony L.

"Divorce is a stressful and heartbreaking endeavor whether you want it, don't want it, initiate it or don't initiate it.  Patton Law Firm, Cindy and Katie, made that process the best experience it could possibly be. Not only are they supportive, understanding and compassionate, but their professionalism is exceptional.  They actually do what they say they are going to do.  They are organized, extremely prompt in their response to email and phone calls, and unbelievable in their attention to detail. I think though, that what struck me the most is that they truly care.  They care about their clients and their families, and want the best possible outcome with the least possible damage.  So this combined with their level of hard work and professionalism make them a firm that I would recommend to anyone."  ~~Carole G.

"Going through a divorce can be terrifying. It was very comforting for me to have Cynthia and Katie in my corner. Not only is Cynthia one of the hardest working and smartest women I have ever known, but she's very compassionate. Cynthia is also a fighter and an advocate and she got me a better settlement than I ever hoped for.  Thanks for everything you both did to help me!!"  ~~Jenny R.

"When I recommend Cindy to another person needing legal advice, I tell them that she is fair and not afraid to tell it like it is. Cynthia and Katie were always responsive to my emails, phone calls and texts. They kept in constant contact with me throughout the process. Cynthia was able to help me reach a fair and respectable settlement. She helped me to not give more than was fair. It's hard for a guy when he doesn't want to be resentful not to get taken advantage of, Cynthia on more than one occasion was able to help me be fair but firm. I felt very prepared every time we went to court. She is very professional. Cynthia knew the mediator and told me what to expect. There was no surprises.  I felt that Cindy was very fair, professional, and understanding."  ~~Tony M.

“I was completely satisfied with the level of communication that Cindy provided during the difficult process of my divorce. Going to court was a scary situation which I was only able to handle because Cindy keep me prepared and educated about what to expect. Cindy gave me choices but at the same time gently persuaded me to make the choice that would be most beneficial to my case. I was terrified to go on the stand, but afterwards realized the impact was much more profound than it would have been otherwise. Cindy professionally guided me through the entire process with genuine concern and understanding. I have recommended Cindy to others and will continue to do so without hesitation. Probably my ex-spouse gave Cindy the ultimate compliment when he said if you are looking for a good attorney call Kaye's attorney!” ~~ Kaye P.

“I have recommended Cindy to others needing legal counsel. She is extremely knowledgeable of family law and frank and thorough with her explanations of potential outcomes. She even has extensive knowledge of how the courts tend to respond to certain situations so that the client can determine how best to proceed. Cindy was most helpful during this difficult process, and has continued to be a friend to my son and I.” ~~ J.P.

"In times of need and distress, it is hard to know to whom to turn.  You don't know whom you can trust, or even if that someone will care!  I found that someone who cared about me - someone who would listen and know what to do to help.  While on a weekend Ladies Retreat, I received news that rocked my world!  One of the ladies at the retreat referred me to Cynthia Patton. Cynthia was available immediately on my return to the city and for the next many months, she held my hand and helped me get through an end to a lifetime of marriage. Cynthia walked me through hard decisions that had to be made, giving me encouragement as she held on to me when I was ready to falter.  Cynthia celebrated with me at the end as she gave me a future and a hope - things I did not even know was possible."  ~~ Name withheld by request

"The Cynthia Patton firm had been recommended by a friend who had used it with great success and I'm glad I did, too. Cindy, with Katie's assistance, left no stone unturned and we were able to mediate a settlement that protected both my rights as a father and my inheritance. I was kept updated on every legal move that was made, billing was straightforward and more than fair. If you have to go to battle, I highly recommend Cindy as her skills, experience and grit will serve you well. She goes in there to win and win big. Thanks again, Cindy and Katie!"  ~~Francois P.

"Cynthia Patton is a one of a kind divorce attorney. She treated me as if I were her only client and was available 24/7.  She responded immediately to emails and phone calls even late at night. Cindy tried many times to secure a settlement, then guided me through mediation instead of going to court.  Cindy and her paralegal, Katie, researched and found evidence of things I had no idea existed in my marriage. When we had no choice except to go to court, she prepared me in what to expect. In court, she always had documents to substantiate every fact in my case.  She had expert witnesses to testify.  I was very impressed with Cindy's preparation for court.  Because of her efforts, I received a settlement that will allow me to live a good life. I have referred many friends and family to talk with Cindy.  I came to Cindy as a broken woman, now I am a lady living a happy new life.   Cynthia Patton is my HERO!"  ~~Linda Pigott

"Cynthia Patton was recommended to me by another attorney. I am so thankful I took the recommendation! Cindy guided me through an initial separation from my then husband, making sure everything possible was done to protect my son and I legally. She later assisted me through the formal divorce. Our day in court was memorable, to say the least. By chance, I was assigned to a judge who did not care to grant divorces. I watched two other attorneys before us fail to have their client's divorces settled. When it was our turn, Cindy was 100% prepared for every hoop through which the judge asked her to jump. Certainly this was due to her intellect and forethought, but also due to her wisdom in hiring Katie Crockett. Katie had included redundant copies of all forms which might have possibly been needed, making sure Cindy was able to provide whatever random items might be requested. Mine was the first divorce granted that day.  I am forever thankful for the hard work put into my divorce. While I am definitely happy mine and my son's best interests were protected, I am also thankful that Cindy was always quite fair. She is not what I would describe as a vicious attorney; rather, she is fair, honest, and works hard to protect her clients with integrity at all times. We could not have asked for better."  ~~ Valarie R.

"I never had to retain an attorney before my case started, but the knowledge, the care for my case, and being VERY well prepared by this firm and Attorney Patton, made my case!  I am so happy I made that call." ~~ Tammi S.

"I'm just so grateful to have someone who always was 10 steps ahead of the process. You always let me know what was going on and I always knew what to expect. Y'all went over and beyond to help me and I'm forever grateful. The next step of the process is going to be a lot easier since you handled the first part. You are a great attorney and I have highly recommended you to everyone I know. Thank you both again!"  ~~ Meredith D.

“Cindy was beyond helpful in my divorce proceedings. She was knowledgeable and confident, and took care to go about her business in a way that left me with no stress. I appreciated this throughout the proceedings. She was always available via e-mail and by phone any time I reached out, and even now years later if I have a question she is always there to respond. I would recommend Cindy to everyone. She truly helped me in a very dark time of my life to the point that it was the only thing I didn't worry about at the time. I would recommend Cindy and should I ever need anything in the future in this field, I will return to Cindy! She made the experience a breeze considering how stressful it was as a whole. Not once did I worry that Cindy was not fully present in her work on my case. She is a lifesaver. Thank you!” ~~J.B.