What You Can Expect

Fearless Professional Representation

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Standing Up For You & Your Rights.  We're not afraid to take your case to trial if necessary. We'll work hard to gather all the evidence to make your best case, even when it takes a court order to do so.  We'll challenge the opposing party, especially if they are not telling the truth.  Likewise, if an expert gets it wrong, we'll confront them in open court.  If we believe that a judge has made a mistake, we'll make a strong record so your case can be taken up on appeal if that's what you decide to do.

Small & Mighty.  We take a personal interest in every client.  We are a very small firm and we intend to stay that way.  That means you won't get shuffled around between attorneys and paralegals.  Our clients remains dear to us even after our service ends.  They often come back and/or send their friends, family members and co-workers to us.

Professionalism.  The nature of our business is adversarial and disputes can be resolved in many ways.  While we often disagree with others, or dispute their presentation of the facts or interpretation of the law, we will never behave unprofessionally.  We have the greatest respect for our clients, their families, the judicial system, our colleagues and the other professionals involved in the family law litigation process. 

Constant Communication

Phone calls & email.  You'll speak with us whenever you need, but never longer than 24 hours after you request a call.  We respond to email the same way.

No surprises.  We keep you well-informed of events every step of the way.  You receive copies of every letter and pleading we send or receive in your case, along with telephone updates. 

Preparation.  Before every major event (hearing, discovery, deposition, mediation), you'll have advance notice and we'll schedule time to help you prepare.  You'll always know exactly what to expect.

Fair Financial Dealings

Refundable Retainers.  Most firms work on a non-refundable retainer basis, where you pay a retainer that is kept on account and the professional fees and expenses of litigation are billed against the balance.  We work the same way.  Where we differ is that our retainers are refundable.  If your case is over and there are funds remaining on account, we actually send a refund check to you.  In our opinion, it's your money until we earn it and not before.  In 8.5 years we have returned nearly a quarter million dollars of unused retainer monies to 113 of our clients!

Clear Billing.  Some firms bill their time in 15-minute increments, even if a quick telephone call or email only takes 5 minutes.  We track our time in 6-minute increments and we regularly "no charge" for minor tasks and for significant time we spend going the extra mile.  You'll receive a detailed billing statement every month so that you can closely monitor your account.

Options & Estimates.  We'll always give you several options along with estimated costs and predicted outcomes so that you have control over your litigation budget and have the information you need to decide how you'd like to proceed.